Ready to Go in Key West

Nick Turney's team aboard the Farr 400 Spaceman Spiff wraps up their boatwork and gets ready for the racing.

It has been a very interesting few days of practicing down here in Key West. We have had fantastic breeze, and lots to work on. All five Farr 400s have made it to Key West, and we saw four of them out sailing today. For our team on Spaceman Spiff, it has been one project after another. All new boats have their issues, and we have been spending the past three days sailing for a few hours, and then spending the rest of the day going through our work list. This is always the case with new boats, but I have to say that the Farr 400 is a very cool and very fast boat! We are all excited to get down to the racing and see how these boats sail in a fleet:

Farr 400
1. USA 403 Team Premier NorCal H. Blackett & S. Shapiro Kevin Miller Richmond Yacht Club Piedmont & Palo Alto, CA
2. USA 407 BLADE Mick Shlens Eric ArndtPalos Verdes Estates, CA
3. USA 404 Meridian X W.S. Shelhorse Mark Foster HYC Virginia Beach, VA
4. UAE 400 Red Joe Woods Paul GoodisonRoyal Torbay Yacht Club Torquay, Devon, UK
5. USA 406 Spaceman Spiff Rob Ruhlman Nick Turney Lakeside Yacht Club Cleveland, OH

The fleet is stacked, the boats are ready, I can’t wait to get this regatta going!