Quantum Key West Race Week: The Hutch Files, Hard Times

For Quantum Racing, some basic mistakes get compounded, and the net result isn't good.

Key West Race Week
Tough starts lead to tough beats, and on Wednesday, there was a combination of both. Martinez Studio/TP52 Super Series

A tough day for Quantum Racing on Division 1 today.  For me the day can be characterized by six situations that turned the day into an absolute shocker. That, coupled with mediocre starting, and well … somedays you are the bug and somedays the windshield.

Today, we were splattered all over it!

Interlodge won the day with a 1,1,8 and seem to always be in a good spot. They started well and when they didn’t, their new Botin design seems to be slipping through the water quite nicely.


Six moments in the racing that defined the day reared their heads in different ways.  Three average starts. Our starting is relatively sub-standard, and while we are putting the boat in good low density spots the final acceleration and rap up is not as crisp.

Instead of having Quantum Racing nicely in the front row, we struggle to keep our bow out.  No more complicated than just refining, learning and doing it better tomorrow. Division 1 is a minefield the breeze is tough to read on the water.  Quite simply I need to do my job better.

My instincts have not gotten a lot right thus far and like our starting I need to revert back to the basics and keep it simple.  Finally boat on boat subtleties.  We lost a couple of situations today through lack of time between Doug and I together.  The TP 52 is unforgiving and punishes you more than any other class that I have sailed in when you don’t execute to perfection.  Today we had one situation that we coughed up about a boat length through poor communication to the helmsman.  The solid third at the top mark turned into a last.  If we don’t execute properly we will be punished.


Well, it’s officially a new day, 12:01, and so that is a sign to let things go a bit, learn from our mistakes and move forward.  The beauty of our sport is you have days like today and it makes you appreciate all the good ones.  Every now and then though the wind gods humble you and well today that happened!


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