Quantum Key West Fantasy Sailing League Champions

Our third Fantasy Sailing League garnered 95 entries and some extremely close racing.
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Quantum Key West 2012

Close racing was had by all at Quantum Key West 2012. Ingrid Abery

Apparently, picking the winners at Key West isn’t as hard as we thought. Two people, screen aliases shv2sail and Ark18, were able to nail each of the winners in Key West’s five toughest classes. Another handful got four of five classes right.

We didn’t think it would be as hard as winning PowerBall, but we were still surprised at the expertise of our online readers. I guess we’ll have to make it a little more challenging next time around. Maybe we’ll make you guess last place as well.

These results left us in a little bit of a bind. With two entries getting the winners in all five classes, there wasn’t really any way to break the tie based on their guesses, at least according to the Racing Rules of Sailing. So we went a little deeper and used the entry times, giving priority to those who completed their entry first. The meant that shv2sail (aka Steve Vincent) is the winner of the Magic Marine dry duffel. Ark18, aka Noah Han, will take second and the West Marine rigging knife. Third place goes to the survivor of a two-stage, five-person tiebreaker. It would’ve been mflo81, but that screen name belongs to associate editor Mike Lovett, so he’s ineligible. So taking our third place prize is Roll Tack. He gets the West Marine long-sleeve Tech T. Taking home Dr. Crash calendars are PSULinc and Dlawrence1001.


A few other SW editors entered, you’ll see their results highlighted in orange. Apparently following the sport closely isn’t the key to predicting the results.

In all, we had 95 legitimate entries. A couple of entries came in after the start of racing on Monday, and as much as we’d love to have as many people as possible in the contest, we had to draw the line at the first gun.

After we’d started the contest, one of the J/80s moved to the PHRF division. For the people who chose that boat, we decided to take the average of each entrant’s other four selections, and use that. It’s not an ideal solution, considering the J/80 class was the second largest at the regatta. But it seemed the most equitable. Fortunately none of the people who picked that boat were in the running for any of the prizes. That is a policy we will revisit in the future. A better solution may be to regard that scenario like a boat that suffers a breakdown on the way to the course and score them with a DNC.


That should about wrap this one up. We hope those of you who played Sailing World‘s third Fantasy Sailing League enjoyed it. For those of you who didn’t, we’ll do this again real soon. Spring is right around the corner, and there are plenty of big regattas to pick from.

Full Results:

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