Quantum Key West 2013

Sailing World's exclusive coverage takes you behind the scenes in Key West, Fla.

Sailing World kicks off the U.S. racing season with Quantum Key West 2013. Check out all of our photos, blogs, and videos from the event.

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SW’s past Key West coverage: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2001- 2008


Friday, January 24

Check out Onne van der Wal’s photos of the final day of racing in Key West here. Plus be sure to check out all of the blog entries from the week from our many contributors.

Thursday, January 24


If anyone calls you from Key West complaining about the sailing conditions, give them a good smack (as much as anyone can over the phone). It was a fabulous day of racing for Day 4 of Quantum Key West: breeze, sun, and warm water in copious amounts. After racing we had a chance to catch up with Mike Sanderson, the youngest skipper to win the Volvo Ocean Race, and one of the more plain-spoken people you’ll meet in this sport. He offered an interesting perspective on his last Volvo campaign, the future of the race, and whether he sees himself doing another Volvo campaign (click here to watch the video in a new window).

Also you can check out senior editor Stuart Streuli’s Day 4 blog here: This lesson from Key West may not apply everywhere, but there are nonetheless some important general lessons that can be applied to any race venue.

Wednesday, January 23


It’s breeze on in Key West. Most forecasts were predicting winds in the low 20s today. That seems to have backed off a little bit, but we should still see winds in the high teens with higher gusts. Great day to be sailing here.

Continuing with our interview series, we’ve got two more of America’s best sailors, Zach Railey and Dawn Riley. Railey is toning down his Olympic sailing this year to focus more on other opportunities within the sport, both professional sailing and coach (click here to watch the video in a new window).

Riley is the executive director of Oakcliff Sailing, a soup-to-nuts training ground for boat captains, professional sailors and other marine industry types. She’ll tell us all about that in her interview (click here to watch the video in a new window).


Tuesday, January 22

The legendary Onne van der Wal is providing Sailing World with exclusive online galleries from this year’s Quantum Key West Race Week.

View the Day 1 gallery.

View the Day 2 gallery. Key West at its best.

Our interview series from Key West continues with two of the best sailors this country has ever produced. First up, Terry Hutchinson (click here to watch video in a new window).

And second, Jonathan McKee (click here to watch video in a new window):

Monday, January 21

Day 1 of racing is here. The forecast looks light, but the breeze should build through the afternoon and then there shouldl be plenty of wind over the next few days. We may see a dockside postponement to wait for the breeze to build, but it looks likely that we’ll get at least one race in today.

On Friday, Stuart Streuli spent the afternoon sailing with Hap Fauth’s Bella Mente; here’s an interview with Fauth (click here to watch video in a new window):

And a B-Roll of onboard footage (click here to watch video in a new window):

Wednesday, January 16

Photographer J H Peterson shares an exclusive photo gallery of the first Key West Race Week in 1987.

View the gallery.

SW‘s Stuart Streuli gears up for another shot at the Fort Lauderdale to Key West Race, aka the Key West Feeder Race, aboard the Swan 42 _Arethusa. _He’s hoping to do better than last year, of which he writes, “It was memorable, but much in the way a dinner is memorable when the waiter accidentally dumps a plate of marinara in your lap.”

Read the full blog.

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