Press Release: Ronstan Recall

Recall affects a small number of blocks produced

Product: Series 60 & 75 All Purpose Stainless Steel Cheeked Blocks With Universal Head Post Distributed from 29th October 2004 & 12th May 2005. Supplier: Ronstan International Pty Ltd Hazard: The head post assembly in a small number of the products shipped between the above dates may not have been welded to specification and in some cases may not have been welded at all. This may result in the product failing to meet its load ratings. There is a risk that use of a defective product could lead to personal injury, fatality and/or damage to property. Consumer action: Ronstan has decided to undertake an urgent voluntary recall of all these products sold between the above dates. Customers that are in possession of either of these products must immediately stop selling, distributing or using these products. These products should immediately be returned to Ronstan for replacement. All related freight and replacement product costs will be at Ronstan's expense. Contact Ronstan or refer to the website below for further details on the products being recalled and recall procedures. Ronstan International Pty Ltd 220 Bay Road, Sandringham, Victoria 3191 Customers within Australia Tel:1300 13 15 20 Fax 1300 13 15 80 Customers within the USA Tel: (727) 545 1911 Fax (866) 218 8125 Outside Australia Tel:+ 61 3 8599 0001 Fax +61 3 8599 0098 All Markets Email Website