One Wednesday Night in America

/SW/ wants your contributions for an upcoming feature on Wednesday-night racing.

Alice Leahey steers her J/105 /Grace O’Malley/ towards the finish line during a California YC Wednesday-night race off Marina del Rey.

Alice Leahey steers her J/105 Grace O’Malley towards the finish line during a California YC Wednesday-night race off Marina del Rey. Herb McCormick

We’ve fielded a few questions about this project and we’re realizing that maybe we didn’t do a great job of explaining what we’re looking for. So, here’s a step-by-step plan to get your weeknight sailing adventure in Sailing World.

1. Did you race on Wedsneday, Aug. 12? Doesn’t matter whether it’s in model boats or a Santa Cruz 70.
2. Do you have some photos of the evening, or a short vignette you’d like to share?
4. Think about what you would tell a good friend if he or she called up and said, “How was sailing last night?” What part of the night would you describe first? Did something happen that seems to happen every other week? Once a summer? What aspect of the evening was most unique to this series? Whatever this one thing is, jot down a few thoughts from your perspective. Make the story a first-person. Give us your perspective. Make it fun.
5. Sit on it for a few days. Then review it, maybe add in some facts about the series in general.
6. Send story and/or photos to

Good luck.


All across this great land of ours, sailors sit in offices, counting down the minutes until 4 p.m. Wednesday (or thereabouts), when they’ll quietly shut down their computers, gather their car keys, slip out the door, and head down to the boat. It’s Wednesday night: time for sailboat racing.

Because we love weeknight racing as much as you do, Sailing World is dedicating an upcoming feature to one Wednesday night in America. We’ve chosen tonight, Wednesday, Aug. 12, as our night. To make sure we capture as broad a picture as possible-from sea to shining sea, as the song goes-we are reaching out to our readers. We want you to tell us, in words or photos or both, about your Wednesday night racing on Aug. 12. We’ll publish every legitimate response online and pick the best ones for the magazine. (We’ll pay standard rates for any stories and photos we publish in print.) Photos should be as high a resolution as possible, the bigger the better. For the stories, we’re not necessarily looking solely for exceptional evenings. What seems like run-of-the-mill to you probably won’t to somebody else. Every series is unique, as is every night within the series. So tell us what happened from your perspective on Aug. 12: focus on one rounding, or an entire race, or even your time “debriefing” with a beer. Tell us about one particular aspect of your racing venue that came into play or one boat that did something noteworthy. Try to keep it on the shorter side (under 500 words) and make sure to include all the relevant data about your boat, series, etc.

To submit your story and photos, email