Maureen "Moe" Roddy


Name: Maureen "Moe" RoddyAge: 52Occupation: NurseHometown: Newport, R.I.Sailing Experience:Roddy started sailing during college and gained much of her cruising experience while living in the U.S. Virgin Islands for 23 years. Most recently, she completed the Bermuda One-Two, an ocean race consisting of two legs, the first sailed singlehanded, the second doublehanded. Why Moe Loves Sailing:"I love the independence of sailing. Realizing that I'm competent enough to sail a boat by myself empowers me with a sense of self-reliance that carries over into everything else in my life. I love being offshore, where there are no distractions and all your attention is focused on the boat and making it go. It's really a profound experience."