ICSA College Sailing Rankings: Final Fall 2023

Stanford and Harvard top the Women's and Open rankings, respectively, with the final fall ranking of the 2023-'24 season.
The ICSA College Sailing Coach’s Ranking Panel’s Final Ranking of the Fall 2023-24 season.

After an exciting fall season, the final Fall College Sailing Rankings are in. The season concluded with 176 regattas over 11 weekends including the Open and Women’s Singlehanded National Championship and Match Race National Championship. The Final Rankings outline where teams are going into the spring season and who to keep your eye on.

The College Sailing Ranking committee has six members: Charles Higgins (SEISA), Allison Jolly -SAISA, Katherine Jones (MAISA), Chris Klevan (PCCSC), John Pearce (US Sailing), and David Thompson (NEISA)