Hobie Tiger Worlds … Pick A Side, Any Side

It's early yet in the weeklong Hobie Tiger Worlds, and with French teams taking the top two places on the second day, the pressure is on Americans Greg Thomas and Jacques Bernier to retake the lead.

Hobie 18s, Day 2

Pierrick Contin/hobie Cat

Today we got our throwout race out of our system in the first one. We rolled the dice and picked a side to come up short. There was a lot going on today, winds were not really steady, but we had much more than yesterday, trapezing all day. We had average results in the second and third races after digging back to top 10s after being further down after banging the wrong corner, which was a theme today for us. Mourniac was able to get up a better result than us after coming over through the wrong side. We did manage to beat him in the one race, so he now has a drop of 11. So, any more mistakes and he will be right back in it. We were at least able to end the day on a positive note, we finally hit the correct side up the first windward leg to round second. Only bad thing was Mourniac was first, so there went yet another point between us. The young French team of Moana Vaireaux and Petit Romainis is now a couple of points ahead of us so we are sitting third overall. This is still a good place to be because we’re within striking distance and sailing fast, we just have to cut out the mistakes on the first beat. -Jacques Top 5 after 7 races : 1. Mourniac/Citeau (FRA), 26 points 2. Vaireaux/Romain (FRA), 43 points 3. Thomas/Bernier (USA), 43 points 4. Renaud de Malet/Rossollin (FRA), 52 points 5. Le Gal/Siret (FRA), 81 points For complete results and photos:


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