Hawaii’s Top Crew Aims High

Gill All-In Sailor: Annika Garrett, University of Hawaii
Hawaii’s Top Crew Aims High Neal Iwamoto/Univ. of Hawaii

Annika Garrett is a skipper, crew, team racer, ­keelboat sailor, scholar athlete and more. “She does it all,” says Andy Johnson, head coach for the University of Hawaii sailing team. “She’s a good example of an all-around college sailing team player.”

“I have tried my best to always show my coaches that I am up for a challenge,” Garrett says. “That being said, I have been fortunate to have been on the traveling team since I was a freshman.”

Garrett sees her role on the team as helping out wherever needed, which has included being able to jump in a boat at the helm or in the front, and also helping new teammates learn the basics of sailing.


“Bouncing between skipper and crew always keeps my life interesting, but crewing will always have a soft spot in my heart,” Garrett says. “Skippering has given me a better appreciation on the importance of communication. Whenever I go back to crewing, I try to provide my skipper with as much information as I can.”

Garrett grew up in Culver City, California, and started sailing at the age of 8 in the Del Rey Junior Program. She also had a connection to sailing at the University of Hawaii early on.

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“Many of my coaches from when I was growing up are Hawaii alumni. We are in constant contact, and they are always motivating me to improve and checking in on my newest accomplishments.”

Garrett has met great friends through college sailing, and enjoys the serious but fun vibe of the Hawaii sailing team. Another benefit she has found is that the consistency of sailing helps her stay focused with her schoolwork too.

“My goals in sailing are to be as involved as I can on the Hawaii sailing team, and outside of the sailing team I hope to become more active with the keelboat racing that takes place in Hawaii,” Garrett says. “Outside of sailing, I hope to be able to do work that is meaningful and gives me an ­opportunity to give back to the community.”

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