Geronimo Bails Out

Olivier de Kersauson’s Giant tri is headed for France

Olivier de Kersauson’s monster tri Geronimo is on the way back to France this morning after abandoning an attempt to break the Jules Verne record because of mechanical difficulties that the crew were unable to fix at sea.

Reports from the boat indicate that steering problems are to blame, specifically an inability to control the boat at high speeds.

The attempt was cut short as the boat was located at 10°south, just shy of the Brazilian coastline. Even though Geronimo had been stalled for several excruciating days north of the equator, they had broken through the doldrums and were on pace to break the record.

Bruno Peyron’s 11-foot cat Orange is scheduled to leave on Saturday for their second attempt at the record, after being forced to return home when the top section of their carbon spar went away.

With the winter season fast approaching in the Southern Hemisphere, any attempts at the Jules Verne need to be started soon or left for next year.