Genesis International Sues Quantum Sail Design Group Over '080 Patent

Genesis vs. FusionM

Genesis International has filed a complaint of patent infringement against Quantum sailmakers for violating their "Composite Thread Line Sails" patent No. 4,708,080 (known informally as the '080 or Genesis patent). Also named in the complaint are Quantum loft head Larry Leonard and his principals, Glen Peck (CEO of Quantum), Per Andersson (VP, senior sail designer), Doug Stewart (operations manager), as well as loft owners Farley Fontenot (Texas), Ed Reynolds (Michigan), Tom Kinney (Connecticut), and Bob Pistay (Washington). Genesis International is asking that the court force Quantum to stop infringing the '080 patent with its FusionM sails, award Genesis International triple the damages found or assessed, and pay all attorney and court fees. Genesis International's '080 patent is good through June 11, 2006. The '080 patent is not one of the patents involved in the lengthy lawsuit between Sobstad and North Sails that was settled in 2001. A copy of the complaint, dated July 9, 2004, is available at