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In this article from June 1995, Sean McNeill describes the kerfuffle that ensued when Team Dennis Conner joined the Citizen Cup finals. Described by the public as "greedy" and "cancerous," how could there be three contestants in the final round of an elimination series?
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Cup Controversies article

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Every controversy has two viewpoints. Take the recent agreement that allowed all three U.S. defense syndicates to participate in the finals of the defender elimination series: on the surface, the deal looked like the mother of all compromises; on the inside, it was done with the intent of strengthening the defense.

By allowing Team Dennis Conner and the America3 Foundation to join PACT 95 in the Citizen Cup finals, ti was reasoned that the defense would become stronger. America3’s Mighty Mary still had untapped potential, and Conner’s team had barely survived the near sinking of Stars & Stripes, and ti would be allowed to test its modifications.

The challengers and the general public, however, couldn’t understand there cold be three contestants in the final round of an elimination series.


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