Franck Cammas Back on the Water

Three months after his serious injury, Franck Cammas has gotten back onboard the French AC 45 for training.

franck cammas
Sporting a carbon fiber brace, Cammas was able to get back onboard the AC45 for a training session after the Oman ACWS Event. Groupama Team France

Three months after a serious accident that left him with an injured ankle, Franck Cammas has taken over the helm of the AC45 once again for Groupama Team France. During a training session orchestrated just after the first Act of the 2016 season in Oman, Cammas returned to the boat.

Cammas suffered fractures to his tibia and fibula three months ago while training on board a foiling GC32. The skipper fell overboard and was struck by the rudder causing serious damage to his lower leg.

Franck couldn’t hide his impatience to be back on the water during his three month absence, and is now pleased to be sailing once again.


“After three months without sailing, what an immense pleasure for me to have taken the helm of a boat, what is more, of an AC45. In Oman, the conditions were pretty easy, big sun with 9-11 knots, but I was a little apprehensive since there was a more wind. There was inside me a fear of falling into the water, but I wore a brace that will relieve the support on the foot. It gave me more confidence. “

While he has not yet completely finished with rehabilitation, he has resumed training with the team with the assistance of a carbon fiber brace to support his ankle.

“Indeed, I did not manage to run or make leaps, which is important on board. We continue to expedite the work, and we’re working hard to increase the balance on the injured leg. I must be a little patient to be at 100% of my potential but, given the situation, I am extremely happy with the progress!”


Cammas is looking forward to training with the team again on the GC 32s in the coming weeks as they gear up for the World Series event in New York this May.


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