Following German Defeat, Bank Resigns

News brief, 5/10/07


After failing to reach the semifinals of the Louis Vuitton Cup, 10th-ranked United Internet Team Germany took a critical look at its America's Cup future. Syndicate head Michael Scheeren was brutally honest in his analysis of the team's performance. "We have not met our target which was to finish on rank eight," said Scheeren. "You have to be honest with that and we are disappointed about this fact. For a sportive objective in the America's Cup you need time and experience. However, we did not have either one in the degree necessary." In this atmosphere of failure and change, Jesper Bank resigned as skipper, helmsman, and sports director of the team. "I am not content with my performance," said Bank. "I don't want to stand in the way for the development of this German campaign. I would like to thank the whole team for their great work in the past two years and I am proud that I have been part of the first German campaign." United Internet Team Germany is very content, however, with the response of the German media. "German media was never before reporting so intensively about the sailing sport and the America's Cup," said managing partner Michael Mronz. "More than 70 hours were broadcasted on Free-TV. Nationwide more than two Billion contacts were generated by the news coverage in print, internet, and TV. This is an unparalleled success for the sailing sport in Germany." Sheeren said that the team's plans for the 33rd America's Cup are contingent on sponshorship, which is contingent on the venue, which was a disappointment. "The engagement of our sponsor is very much depending on the future venue, our sportive concept, and the media interest, which was not supported by the weather conditions in this Louis Vuitton Cup," said Sheeren. "We will have to wait for the development in this."Although much of the team's future remains undecided, at least one aspect of the next campaign is already in the works. "We have decided to commission a new boat now," said Sheeren. "We will discuss the future with our sailors, who have been part of this campaign, in the next weeks. Furthermore we have announced our participation in the German Sailing Grand Prix in Kiel."For more about United Internet Team Germany, click here