Festivities Eclipse Phang Nga Bay Regatta

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Midway through the final race of the Phang Nga Bay Regatta-- a big boat series taking place off Phuket, Thailand-- the wind died. Anxious to arrive at the Puravarna Yacht Club in time for the post race festivities, which featured 150 female models flown in on a private jet to ring in the Chinese New Year, nine of the 50 boats competing in the race dropped out and motored for shore. For those boats that stuck it out, the wind eventually piped up to a modest 10 knots to make for an exciting finish. Scott Duncanson's Somtam Express won the race to take second place in the Racing class behind Ben Copley's Asia Spirit. Nils Dgenkole's Phoenix won all four races in the Cruising A class, and Michelle Pippen's Tropicbird secured first place in the Cruising B class by winning the last race.For more, click here.