Faces of the ACWS-Venice, by Steven Tsuchiya

Veteran AC photographer, historian, and journalist Steven Tsuchiya gives a glimpse of the AC World Series stop in Venice, Italy, by focusing on the people involved.
Iain Murray (AUS), the CEO of America’s Cup Race Management and Regatta Director, address the media at the skipper’s press conference. Iain was skipper and co-designer of the 1987 Cup defender, Kookaburra III, for the 1987 match in Fremantle, Australia.
The America’s Cup World Series venue at the Arsenale features kiosks of leading sponsors. Sara and Vera of Class Editori, an Italian media conglomerate, describe their financial and lifestyle magazines to visitors. As residents of Venice, they are thrilled with the energy the World Series brought to their city.
Fans watch the final race of the World Series from the bridge over the Rio dell’ Arsenale.
Artemis Racing’s wing sports a brand-new skin of Clysar, a shrink-wrap film–the same material used to wrap many food products.  To apply the film to the wing, double-stick tape is applied to the framework and then Clysar is pressed onto the tape. Finally, a heat gun shrinks the film to create a taut, but flexible, surface. Steven Tsuchiya
A clear portion of the wing’s film reveals the carbon fiber and nomex framework underneath. Steven Tsuchiya
Chris Blunden (NZ) is one of Artemis Racing’s two sailmakers; prior to joining Artemis last year, he was a member of three BMW Oracle campaigns. Chris protects the wing’s surface by applying Cuben-fiber tape over the areas where the runners could potentially tear the film where it attaches to the framework.  He points out that the dark-colored surfaces of the film is more susceptible to catastrophic tears because the dark film retains heat causing the film to shrink; thus, a small tear could expand into a large one on a hot, sunny day. Steven Tsuchiya
Vinyl is applied on top of the cuben-fiber tape for cosmetic reasons to match the color on the surface. Steven Tsuchiya
Cat Visor (UK), Team Korea’s chef, prepares a rice and egg dish for her hungry teammates. Cat prepares “lots and lots of pasta” as well as, stew, and “bangers and mash.” While meat is delivered to the team’s base, she ventures to Venice to shop for fish, bread and vegetables. On a recent trip to the legendary Rialto fishmarket, Cat was charmed by the city when  buskers sparked a chorus of “O’ sole mio”, with fishmongers and customers singing in unison. Steven Tsuchiya
Cat’s kitchen, located at the back of the Team Korea’s base, has a range and two electric hotplates. The BBQ behind the base has “been a lifesaver” said Cat. Steven Tsuchiya
Luna Rossa skipper Chris Draper (UK) and boat builder Marie Dixneuf (FRA) examine one of the rudders. Helmsmen always have a keen interest in rudders. Steven Tsuchiya
Luna Rossa boatbuilder Marie Dixneuf sands one of the daggerboards. Marie has over 10-years of experience as a multihull boat builder. Steven Tsuchiya
Luna Rossa bowman and trimmer Nick Hutton (UK) works on a daggerboard. Steven Tsuchiya
Umberto Panerai (ITA) (trainer) demonstrates “The Trainer” a portable resistance system modified by the rigging team by adding a sailboat line. Panerai, a former Silver Medalist Italian Water Polo player is Prada’s Security Chief and now trainer for Luna Rossa. Steven Tsuchiya
Manuel Modena (ITA) (trimmer) demonstrates the versatile, inflatable “FitBall Roller,” like the “The Trainer” it’s a portable exercise device. Steven Tsuchiya
Raising the wing to mount onto the Team Korea AC45. Steven Tsuchiya
Dylan, member of Team Korea’s shore crew, helps rig the mast. Note the crane high above. Steven Tsuchiya
Team Korea skipper Nathan Outteridge (AUS) and trimmer Mark Bulkeley (UK) help raise the wing. Steven Tsuchiya