Extreme Sailing Series Crash

Team Aberdeen Singapore crashed into Franck Cammas' Groupama Sailing Team at the Extreme Sailing Series in Singapore.

From an Extreme Sailing Series press release:

In winds that were varying from 5 to 23 knots across the racecourse, Team Aberdeen Singapore caught one of the biggest gusts of the day as they came into the finish line struggling to hold off the pace and ploughing into the back of France’s Groupama sailing team.

"It’s the risk of racing." -Cammas

Groupama sailing team skipper, Franck Cammas, explained what happened: “We had big gusts, and as we were finishing a gybe we saw Aberdeen come really fast from behind, and that’s the moment when they came over us breaking the mast. Besides the broken mast the damage is not too serious, and it is mainly on the mast, the mainsail, the jib, and a hole on the trampoline so I think we will be able to race tomorrow with another mast. Tanguy Cariou is the only crew member hurt but it’s only superficial injuries. He was in the middle of the trampoline where the boat fell, which was the worst spot. Three crew members jumped off the boat. It’s the risk of racing. What is tricky here is that the wind is quite strong and very gusty which is difficult to anticipate. It’s not easy.”

Extreme Sailing Series 2014 Crash
Extreme Sailing Series 2014 Crash
Team Aberdeen Singapore and Groupama entangled in mayhem in Singapore.Lloyd Images
Extreme Sailing Series 2014 Crash Groupama
Extreme Sailing Series 2014 Crash
The incident happened on the second-to-last day of Act 1.Lloyd Images
Groupama in crash at Extreme Sailing Series
Extreme Sailing Series 2014 Crash
A closer view.Lloyd Images
Extreme Sailing series crash
Extreme Sailing Series 2014 Crash
Race Director, Phil Lawrence gave his assessment: “The key factor in the incidents we have had this week are the gusty conditions. We have sailed these boats in much more wind than we have seen this week, but when its gusty like this, and the teams are pushing the boats so hard, we can see collisions on the water.”Lloyd Images
Sailing Crash at Extreme Sailing Series
Extreme Sailing Series 2014 Crash
The teams assess the damage.Lloyd Images