Alinghi, OneWorld Win on Day 3 of Semifinals

Chris Dickson Takes Oracle’s Helm

Prada vs. OneWorld
During the first leeward mark rounding Prada fouled OneWorld by sailing past the layline as they were controlling OneWorld in a leeward overlap position. As a result, Prada was penalized with a red flag, which forced them to do an immediate 270-degree turn, a deficit from which they were unable to recover. OneWorld defeats Prada by 33 seconds.

** Oracle vs. Alinghi**
Oracle helmsman Peter Holmberg was replaced by skipper Chris Dickson for Thursday’s race, and for most of it, the San Francisco team looked golden. Then, in one of those flukes that make us love the sport, Alinghi picked up a gift from above. Heading upwind for the final time, Dickson, in a comfortable lead, protected the right-hand side of the course, and let Alinghi go left, despite howls of outrage from a million television viewers. A rain squall blew through and handed Alinghi a lefty which allowed the Swiss team to cross ahead and lead Oracle around the final weather mark. Coutts and company were able to protect their lucky lead and take the gun. Alinghi defeats Oracle by 46 seconds.


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