A New Way to Do Key West

Don't want to haul your boat south for the best winter regatta? Check out this new all-inclusive deal with NorthU and the National One Design Academy.
Quantum Key West Race Week
The Flying Tiger 7.5s of the National One Design Sailing Academy will be used for the NorthU Experience at Quantum Key West Race Week for eight days of immersive coaching and racing. NorthU

On the fence with Quantum Key West Race Week? Well, it’s time get off.

Why, you ask?

Two reasons. One, the early entry fee expires on Oct. 1, and that means the late fee kicks in, and no one likes paying more than they have to, especially sailors. The team down at Storm Trysail Club, which took over the reigns of this winter bucket list regatta last year, is in full swing, switching up the party venue with a relocation from the street carnival curbside at Kelly’s to the vats of fresh suds at the Waterfront Brewery in Old Town.


The invitation is out to the usual one-design and rated classes, as well as monohull and mulithull cruising classes, but if it’s simply too late to get your crew and your ride to the bottom of US-1, here’s reason No. 2 to hop off that fence: the NorthU Regatta Experience.

In collaboration with the National One Design Sailing Academy, an operation in Toronto that owns a fleet of Flying Tiger 7.5 sportboat, there’s finally an all-inclusive way to do Quantum Key West Race Week without having to haul your boat south.

For $8,730 (by 10/31/16) you get eight days of training and racing on a race-ready (and set up) Flying Tiger. Full-day clinics run in the days before Race Week and then you’re right into the action with 10 Tigers on their own starting line.


If you can’t pull a crew together, go individual and they’ll place you with a team ($1,940 per person if you go alone).

Having experienced firsthand NorthU’s immersive Race Week curriculum at NorthU Performance Race Week in Captiva, Fla., there’s no doubt this is the way to go for a first timer to Key West or anyone tired of thumbing for rides or groveling on the crew boards.

The Experience schedule starts on Friday, January 13, with sailing, classroom time, video reviews, drills and more. On Saturday morning you’re right back at it again. Sunday has more clinics and practice for those who want it, and Monday through Friday it’s back-to-back racing with video debriefs each day. You’ve got coaches onboard for the clinics and the regatta. That’s a seriously unprecedented learning experience.


For more information, check out, and for more on Quantum Key West Race Week, There’s only 10 boats and 50 spots, so get off the fence, and get on the water this winter. It’s going to be good. Guaranteed.

This is not a commercial promotion in any way. It’s just great new way to do Key West and get much out of it.