2012 ICSA Nationals Fantasy Sailing League

Get in on the action at the 2012 ICSA Nationals with our Fantasy Sailing League.
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ICSA Nationals

Who will take top honors at this year’s championships? It’s time to make your picks! Glennon Stratton/

It’s almost that time of the year again–time to put on your pinnies, grab your bailers, give a cheer, and hit the water at the big event in Texas. But don’t worry–even if you’re not of the pinnie-wearing, bailer-toting undergrad clan, you can still get in on the action at the ICSA National Championships. Make your Fantasy Sailing League picks now!

To participate in _Sailing World_’s Fantasy Sailing League, you’ll need to select the top five finishers for the women’s, team race, and coed regattas.

To calculate your score, we’ll take the actual place that your first-ranked team finished multiplied by five, add the actual place that your second-ranked team finished multiplied by 4, and so on down to the actual place your fifth-ranked team finished multiplied by 1. A perfect score would be 35 points. The fantasy sailor with the lowest points wins.


We’ll have prizes for the top three finishers with the lowest points in each event. Stay tuned for more details on what you can win.

All entries must be completed before the start of the first race on May 30. Then, tune in to Livestream to cheer your teams on. Good Luck!

Join the League.


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