As determined by Sailing World magazine’s ranking panelists, collegiate coaches Mitch Brindley (Old Dominion), Ken Legler (Tufts), and Mike Segerblom (USC).

Middle Atlantic (MAISA)

At St. Mary’s College the celebrated graduation of 13 sailors including seven members of their championship team race team and four members of the Seahawks championship dinghy team shall shock them for only a short time. Sophomores Danny Pletsch, and Alistair James (’99 Freshman ACC winners) should not have difficulty finding their place. Laser sailors Brent Jansen and Dave Perkowski will surely find more time in dinghies. Women skippers Jamie Smith and Ali Sharp will be the team to beat at district women’s events.

The Georgetown team will be hot out of the gates this fall returning most of their starters from last season including Ryan Costello, Brian Bissell, John Camera, and Ken Ward. In addition women sailors Baye Emory, Mimi Elliott and Liz Sampson return.


Another team returning a hand full of starters from their 2000 North Americans squad is Old Dominion. Brad Funk has proven that he can win races in both Laser and dinghy classes. Seniors Adam Burns, Justin Castagne, Dan Lawrence and Emily Ruiter will provide a strong foundation for the Monarchs. Solid also will be the women led by Sally Barkow, Corrie Clement, and Jessica Simpson.

Although Hobart/ William Smith graduated skippers Kevin Toborek and Chrissy Jurczak, a returning team of Tal Ingram (fall season only), Colin Merrick, and Katie Behan should be quite fast. Joining Ingram in lasers will be freshman Matt Simpson. Angela Scheibner will step up to the plate to lead their women.

At Kings Point under new coach Jay Kehoe, the Kings Pointers Stu Colie, Matt Schubert, and Chris Breland may prove to be contenders.


The Naval Academy loses three key starters from last year, yet the Mids retain good depth with upperclassmen Parker Garrett, Dave Fassel, Travis Weber, and Emmy Spencer. Sophomore Troy Treaccar and freshmen Robyn Rey and Justin Smith will round out the team. In addition, Tabor Academy coach Rob Hurd will join the coaching staff for six months.

The team that may surprise many in the near future is Washington College. Coach Bill Ward has recruited an experienced group of freshman out of New England’s high school sailing teams. Joining senior Rocky Chamberlin and junior Simon Day will be Mike Buckley, Nathan St Onge, Jamie Farrel and Molly Everdell. Also new to the program will be assistant coach Dan Rabin.

1 Georgetown 1 St. Mary’s
2 Old Dominion 2 Old Dominion
3 Hobart/WmSmith 3 Georgetown
4 Kings Point 4 Hobart/WmSmith
5 St. Mary’s 5 Princeton
6 Navy
7 Washington College
8 Princeton
9 U M B C
10 Queen’s


Midwest (MCSA)

Very few top sailors graduated.

Michigan returns Bora Gulari’01 and Nathan Marshall’02 but I believe Ben Jarashow graduated.


Perdue’s Andy Groh’01 and Darius Barakaukas’02 both return. They also had the best frosh last year.

RJ Wolney’01 returns for Notre Dame but they are a bit off the pace in B.
They did get 2nd at the frosh regatta though.

Northwestern returns Liam Cavanaugh’01

Minnesots returns Tim Krech’03 and Hans Zinn’01

Ohio State returns Mike Moes’01

W. Michigan returns Patrick Murray’01

Wisconsin returns Brendan Keane’01 and Mike Barnett’01 What incoming talent there is is unknown due to the lack of coaches.


Michigan returns Amy Leenhouts’01 and Katie Kaltz’03 Miami returns Kelly Reese’01 and Katie Eckert’02 Wisconsin returns Kaitlin Krause ’03 but loses Anita Bersie’00 Northwestern returns Vanessa Mark’01 and Libby Fitzsimons’01 The other teams were all very young last year.

MCSA Coed: MCSA Women:
1. Michigan 1 Michigan
2. Purdue 2 Miami/OH
3. Northwestern 3 Northwestern
4. Minnesota 4 Wisconsin
5. Notre Dame 5 Marquette
6. Wisconsin 6 Ohio State
7. Miami/OH
8. Ohio State

New England (NEISA)

Harvard: Out: Taubman, Toretta, Levin; In: Cardwell Potts, Jen Philbrick;
Moving up: Doyle, Gill, Bonney, Bischoff. Potts appears good enough to be ready shortly after he trains a crew and may battle Clay Bischoff for the third spot.Clemmie Everet will have to sail women’s B unless Jen Philbrick can catch on real fast.

Tufts: Out: Richards/Pieroni; In: seven mediocre men, 15 women (mostly crews, the biggest name being Katie Shuman.) Moving up: Deermount/Keith, Birkett, and sophomores Levesque, Maxwell, Cohen & Hanneman. Most get crew upgrades with the crew talent coming in. Provan and Icyda good for one more run with excellent crews in women’s.

Dartmouth: Out: Herlihy, Myers, Coe. In: Scott Hogan, Scott Linthicum.
Moving up:Hogan, Horrigan, Mahoney, Maxwell, Lyndon. Prognosis: Two Hogans and a Maxwell could be trouble and Dartmouth usually has a few great crews though Myers will be missed as much as Herlihy. Maxwell, Morgan and Pascalides lead the way in women’s.

MIT: Out: Fabre, Sun/Jain & Lackay. In: ?? Up: Ian McCreery & Brian Savery. Prognosis: McCreery has his work cut out for him bringing little other experience into an occasional top twenty spot.

Boston Univ. Out: Dwyer-McNally, Rufleth, Bohlen. In: Streett Silvestri, Emily Robb. Moving up: Kaya Haig, Dave Welch, Liza Burnes, Christine Retlev. Prognosis: Last year Haig carried Dwyer-Mcnally on her shoulders; this year she’ll try it with unproven Welch in coed and upcoming Burnes in Women’s. Silvestri can impact singles early on but dinghies will take more time.

Boston Coll: Out: Edenbach, Pusch, McDonell & Byers In: ?? Moving up: many including Pruett/Garvey, Fava/Mazareus, Yetman, Teborek. Prog: a very large team of late, many okay frosh likely. Pruett and company may be able to make some North Americans. Carrie Howe will start women’s with Annie Siegal likely crewing, don’t know about other women’s division.
Coast Guard: Out: Danish/Kendrick In: ?? Moving up: Brad Soule, Mike Newall Prognosis: Soule and Newall fight it out with MIT, Vermont, Brown, etc. Women will be okay with Theresa Brooks and Stacy Cwiklinski.

Brown: Out: Drohan, In: Chris Ashley Back: Nichol Ernst Moving up: Alex Mehran, Whitney Besse Prognosis: Much better, Mehran will start to figure out the game and Ashley is close behind Potts and Hogan as NE’s best frosh. Besse is pretty good too. Need a women’s B but this is Brown and they rarely have a shortage of women.

Connecticut Coll: Out: crews: Saunders & Longstaff In: Amanda Clark, Cooper Offenbacker. Movin up: Denatale, Lester, Markham, Perkins. Prog: Look for improvement. Clark will have immediate impact on women’s A div and with an improved Duffy Markham in B they become players in Women’s, at least, in district. Once Clark figures out doublhanding and a crew, she will sail coed stuff, particularly when the big boys sail Lasers and sloops.

Rhode Island: Out: Johnsson; In: Evan Thompson, Sean Horrigan and a full-time coach. Moving up: Can’t remember. A new coach will have this team ranked soon and Thompson won the Bemis.

Yale: Out: Avery Patten, Jay Kehoe. In: Stu McNay, a new coach. Prognosis: A player in McNay but it will be new territory for him and he will need some teammates as well as a good coach to point the way. Their women will play in NEISAs sixth through ten with CGA, etc.

Vermont: Out: Jake Fiumara, In:?? Moving up: Jon Winslow. Prognosis: Much better than they used to be now that they have some continuity with coach Greg Wilkerson but still geographically challenged.

Bowdoin: New coach will improve this NEISA top twelve bubble team.

Roger Williams: Up: Cory Siegal Prognosis: will challenge Bowdoin, Vermont and possibly others.

Maine Maritime, Mass Maritime, Salve Regina, Amherst will beat some teams at minors.

NEISA Coed: NEISA Women:

1 Harvard 10 MIT 1 Dartmouth 7 CGA
2 Tufts 11 Vermont 2 Tufts 8 Yale
3 Dartmouth 12 Yale 3 Boston Univ 9 Boston Coll
4 Boston Coll 13 Roger Williams 4 Harvard 10 URI
5 Connecticut Coll 14 Bowdoin 5 Connecticut Coll
6 Boston Univ 6 Brown
8 Brown

North West (NWICYRA)

The University of Washington returns everyone except top crew Claire Hulse but she will continue to benefit college sailing taking over as Graduate Secretary of the NWICYRA. UW also gets two new strong recruits (Liz Shearer and Eric Rone). This should keep them at the top of the North West.
University of Oregon Graduated Joe Penrod in Spring and all of the parties will mourn his loss. 3 other Seniors also are departing UO making a challenge for new team Captain Violet Barnard.

Western Washington University’s program continues to grow under the leadership of Lee Laney (and others) but Lee is rumored to be Red-Shirting some this year.

NWICYRA CoedRanking:
1 UW
3 UO

No Women’s information available.

Pacific Coast (PCIYRA)

Strong recruiting and returning teams for UC Santa Barbara and University of Hawaii should put pressure on powerhouses USC and Stanford. These four teams will do real battle at the top on the West Coast.

Last year’s top team USC loses College Sailor of the Year Dalton Bergan and All-Americans Daniel Meade and Andrea Cabito to graduation. However, last year’s freshmen Colin Campbell, David Levy and Katie Clausen showed the talent to take over as young leaders for the team. This combined with returning All-American Crews Tracey Treaccar and Jessica Amen (Jess may not be fully available due to her Music Performance Major) as well as Lucas Foletta, Lissa Springstead and several others keeps some winning experience on the team. With the addition of a few obscure recruits this team will still be a player.

Stanford also suffers the loss of several key players to graduation including Steve Kleha, Tyler Doyle and Anika Leerssen. But with a large and well organized team and the addition of several recruits from around the country (David Philips FL., Peter Deming NY., Jennifer Porter CA., Asley Frush CA.) you can still expect to here about Stanford.

This should be UC Santa Barbara’s “era”. Having only graduated women’s skipper Linda Stephan a strong and talented bunch returns. This includes Senior Zack Maxam and Juniors John Warnock and Dana Jones as Coed Skippers plus a bevy of crews including Kassy Thompson Jr., Megan Price Sr., Suzy Galen Jr., Noa Clark So., Jaclyn Prior So.. Incoming freshmen should include Lindsay Buchan WA, Jessica Clayton MA and Page Thompson adding some real strength to the Women’s Squad.

Hawaii’s situation will be interesting with a very strong influx of freshmen including Matt Megla and Jennifer Warnock (San Diego), Willi Edwards (Santa Barbara), Rene DeCurtis (Redondo Beach) and Whitney Gilmore (Richmond), but three returning starters (Molly O’Bryan, Brent Harrill and Josh Henrich) on the bench in the fall saving their final eligibility for Spring.

Other teams to watch include UC Berkeley with several new freshmen and a strong transfer John Shin (College of Marin) as well as most of the team leadership returning (Chad Freitas ’02, Blaine Pedlow ’02, Abby Swan ’03 and Maggie Faut ’03; UC Santa Cruz returning Skip McCormick and UCLA women returning Gwen Garnet and Trisha Ward.

You can also expect that the super strength of High School Sailing in California (1 through 5 at H.S. Nationals) will send some strong talent to unmentioned schools raising the bar around the District.


1 UC Santa Barbara 1 USC
2 USC 2 Stanford
3 Stanford 3 UCLA
4 Hawaii 4 UC Santa Barbara
5 UC Berkeley 5 Hawaii
6 UC Santa Cruz 6 UC Berkeley

South Atlantic (SAISA)

To no one’s surprise College of Charleston will again dominate the South Atlantic district; however they are under more and more pressure from the strengthening Florida teams. Although Charleston did lose several key starters to graduation, the Cougars will return Marcus Eagan, Kippy Chamberlain, Nathan Hollerbach, Zack Fanberg and Sarah Taylor. These sailors will be joined by strong freshman class including Danielle Soriano.
U.S.F. and Eckerd will continue to fight it out for second in the district. Both of these will funded programs will have a new coaches lineup. Eckerd will have Scott Norman as the new head coach and will be returning Matt Mulack as their top starter, and the entire women’s team should be back led by Sarah Hardy and Audra Oliver.

South Florida with a new full-time women’s coach will have a youthful team led by senior Jamey Rabbit.

University of Florida will return A division skipper Andrew Blanco and will undoubtably bring in some more experienced Florida junior sailors.

SAISA Coed: SAISA Women:

1. Charleston 1 Charleston
2. Eckerd 2 Eckerd
3. South Florida 3 South Florida
4. Univ/Florida
5. Tennessee
6. Citadel

South East (SEISA)

SEISA’s strength continues to flourish thanks to the hard work and leadership from the likes of Graduate Secretary Brady Mears, SEISA President and University of Texas Team Captain Bruce Mahoney and Texas A&M; Galveston Coach Gerard Coleman.

It looks like University of Texas will continue strong although Bruce Mahoney may be sitting out the fall to save his eligibility for Spring. Other skippers Charlie Smythe (Soph), Robbie Bennett (Soph or Jr.) and Tom Carson (Sr) all return as does women’s skipper and crew Liz Baldinger.

Look for UT to be the team to beat in the South as well as increased success Nationally. They also look forward to the returning help of Alumni Paul Foerster when he gets back from Sydney trying for his Second Olympic Medal.

Texas A&M;’s Jake Scott should continue to be a talented force as a Junior supported by Jay Martin (Junior) and Andrew Watson (Soph) skippers and Jen Dorek (Soph) crew.

Texas A&M; Galveston’s program continues to grow with good boats, good facilities and good coaching.

Tulane may suffer the graduation loss of skipper’s Brandon Charif and Charles Kelly but starting returners Mike Quinn (Skipper) and Sara Gilley (Crew) will work with others to put the new era of Tulane Sailing together.

SMU returns most of last years sailors and with some guidance from Olympic and America’s Cup sailor Kelly Gough should be heard from.

UNO will suffer the graduation loss of Gilly Chamberlain and his crew but Gaston Vedani and Kurt Fromherz will lead from here. UNO looks forward to hosting the Sloop North Americans this fall.

University of Kansas (KU) seems to be enjoying increased growth and enthusiasum. Under guidance from coach Norm Castle and leadership from Team Captain Chris LaBorde expect to here about KU more.


1 U/Texas
2 Texas A&M;
3 Tulane
4 UNew Orleans
5 A&M; Galveston
6 U/Kansas
7 Southern Methodist

U/Texas the only team rumored to have a Women’s Team.