Announcing SW’s Dr. Crash Photo Contest

The Doctor is currently accepting new patients; submit your best crash photos for a chance to win great new gear from Ronstan.
Sailing World


The winner of our Dr. Crash Photo Contest will receive a Neoprene Skin top and bottom wetsuit combo from Ronstan. Courtesy Ronstan

Since adding a “Dr. Crash” category to our user photo galleries, we’ve turned up a handful of racecourse calamities caught on camera. The big-boat team hoisting the spinnaker with the clew attached to the halyard is always a fun one, and who hasn’t played the role of dinghy crew missing the hiking straps?

As new Crash patients continue to wander in off the street to his online waiting room, the Doctor has been shocked by the sheer amount of on-the-water mishaps left untreated. This distressing scenario has inspired him to open his clinic to the public, and he’s asked us to put out the call. Come as you are—soaking wet, freezing cold, or just plain ashamed of yourself—the Doctor is in!

Submit your best Dr. Crash photos—making sure to check the “Dr. Crash” box during the upload process—to our user photo galleries before May 1 for a chance at winning the grand prize, a Neoprene Skin top and bottom wetsuit combo from Ronstan. First and second runners up will each receive a pair of Ronstan racing gloves. We’ll consider all submissions for future publication in Sailing World magazine—pending approval by Dr. Crash, of course!


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