Puff Talk-Upwind

When you see a puff approaching, make four decisions about it and succinctly relay what you decide to your helmsman and trimmer(s). Even if it's not your job to call puffs, practice this in your head. You'll be that much sharper next time.1. Is it a lifting or heading puff? If it approaches from 45 degrees or forward of your course, it's a heading puff. From 45 to 60 degrees, it's a median puff. From aft of 60 degrees, it's a lifting puff.You say: "Lifting puff¿"2. How much more wind? Helps the helmsman and trimmer know how much to adjust their wind for the new wind.You say: "¿with a lot of breeze¿"3. How long will it last? Tells the helmsman and trimmer how long they'll sail with the new trim.You say: "¿lasting for 10 seconds, followed by a big lull¿"4. When will it hit? A countdown helps the helmsman and trimmer time adjustments they¿re making.You say: "¿puff on in 3¿2¿1."