From the Archives: Leeward Takedowns

In this article from our September 1985 issue, Mark Sertl describes pros and cons of some popular techniques for spinnaker takedowns on the leeward side, including releasing the guy, the "string" or "belly button" method, and the lazy sheet retrieval system.
Leeward takedowns article

leeward takedowns

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One of the most critical maneuvers in a big-boat race is the spinnaker takedown at the leeward mark, and as every marine photographer knows, there is more than one way to “douse the chute.” I’d like to discuss the pros and cons of some popular techniques for takedowns on the leeward side.

Releasing the Guy
The most popular and traditional spinnaker takedown method involves either “running” the guy or “blowing” the guy shackle. This technique typically requires that the take of the spinnaker be released when the boat is a short distance from the leeward mark. The halyard is then eased and the sail is gathered in under the boom and pulled back into the companionway.

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