From the Archives: A Case of Advancing Further

In this article from 1991, Stuart Walker explains why heads-up tactics and some quick forethought are often better than a red flag when it comes to dealing with Rule 54.3.


Sw Archives

“Coming down the second reach in the fifth race at the Soling Worlds in Medemblik, Netherlands, we were moving fast in the passing lane. The Russian, Tonu Tootsi, was just ahead and to leeward. If we rolled him I knew he wouldn’t be happy, but I was tempted by a group of boats farther to leeward, all of which we might catch. Also unwilling to lose that leeward group, Tootsi let us go by. As we approached the leeward mark, he feinted at our windward quarter from a leeward position, inducing us to sail higher and higher. Then, as we jibed to get down to the mark in the light air, he passed across our stern, jibed, and shot his bow into a three-foot inside overlap.”

Read the full article from 1991 here.