Zhik Motion Top, More Than A Hoodie

The Zhik Motion Top is more than your standard lightweight hoodie: there's proper face protection and a fabric feel that makes it all-day wear.
The Zhik Motion Top features a face-cover and lightweight and stretchy fabric to make it a great sun-protection and warmth layer. Courtesy Zhik

Love the sun, but hate what it can do to our skin, especially areas that are continually exposed, such as ears, face, etc?  Here’s a nifty new Zhik product that helps keep us out where we love to be. While the Zhik Motion top does a great job of wicking moisture away from your body and cutting wind chill, the real draw is how it combats the sun’s rays, especially around the head and face, which is accomplished by a hood and balaclava. The hood is form fitting, meaning it stays put. 

While I was a bit skeptical about the balaclava function, it hangs just off your face so as not to obstruct breathing but keeps the lower portion of your face well out of the sun.  A big bonus.  When not in use, it comfortably rests below your chin.  Similarly, when you pull the hood off, you’ll hardly know it’s bunched up around your neck.  

Offering UFP 50-plus protection, the Zhik Motion top is breathable, fast drying and also functions as a great base layer.  If you’re thinking it’s your typical regatta shirt but with a hood, you’ll be surprised by this.  It’s much heavier and has a soft “peached finish,” which means that toward the end of the manufacturing process it’s received a light sanding. You can really feel the difference between this and a typical sun-blocking top. It’s not waterproof, which isn’t the intent, but it does shed small amounts of spray. And its four-way stretch helps ensure you’ll not only be protected from the sun but comfortable while out there. 

Available in men’s sizes from S to XXL, and women’s sizes from XS to XL. Black or Platinum at $99.99