What You'll Need

The Supplies and Tools you need to complete the job

o Eye goggleso Gloveso Dust mask(s) and/or respiratoro Tyvek suit(s) with hoodo Ear protectionToolso Electric or pneumatic sander(s)o Lights, ladder, and staging (if needed)o Vacuumo Water and hoseo Exhaust fan if inadequate ventilationSupplieso Brushes, rollers, pan and frame, tray liners, roller covers, stir sticks, paint pots, and paint filterso 2-inch 3M Fine Line masking tapeo Plastic sheetingo Masking papero Assorted sandpaper (discs/sheets/grits)o Ragso Razor bladeso Plastic spreaderso De-waxero Acetoneo Primer, filler, paint, and thinners