The Intelligent Race Tracker App

In a press release issued today, SAP SE and partner Sailing Yacht Research Foundation announce the launch of Sail Insight, a new mobile app designed for the global sailing community.
Sail Insight
Sail Insight’s app interface allows race organizers and boat owners free access to race analytics for 2020; in 2021, a subscription model will provide more advanced features to subscribers. Courtesy Sail Insight

Sail Insight, the user-friendly app allows users to create, track and manage their own races and provides live data and analytics to improve performance and training. The app is available for download on iOS and Google Play and has been endorsed by World Sailing, the world’s governing body for the sport of sailing.

Historically, tracking and analyzing live sailing action has been cost prohibitive for many sailors, coaches and race organizers and has made events and regattas invisible to fans watching from shore. Now, Sail Insight can be used at thousands of regattas and training races around the world to benefit various sailing audiences and the sport overall. Clubs and race organizers can create their own races and provide live tracking for teams, participants and fans. Sailors can access live leaderboards and live race performance data. Coaches can base their tips and instructions on training and in-race tracking analytics, and fans can use their own devices to follow sailors and teams during races.

The Sail Insight mobile app is available for free through 2020. The free version of the app will allow users to test all features, create a sailor profile, participate in regattas, conduct self-tracking, share results and send invitations on social media. In 2021, the app will shift to offer both free access and a subscription-based model, which will unlock additional features.


The app utilizes SAP® Sailing Analytics, the world’s largest and most robust sailing database. It provides insights and transparency using cloud and in-memory technology, processing GPS and wind measurement data in real time. For the first time, SAP is bringing the capabilities of SAP Sailing Analytics to the broader sailing community by introducing, together with SYRF, the new Sail Insight mobile app.

“Since 2011, SAP has been a trusted partner and innovation leader across the sport of sailing, creating solutions that improve performance for sailors, teams and race organizers while also growing fan interest and participation,” SAP Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member Juergen Mueller said.

“The new app leverages the power of our sailing analytics database to create a mobile app that allows members of the sailing community to access data and information to help improve performance and enhance their race and event experience.”


The app provides sailors, coaches, clubs and fans with live data and analytics beyond professional one-design racing into other forms of sailing including big boat formula, performance cruiser and club regattas. Users for the first time can access live leaderboards and handicap racing leaderboards for live predictive handicap scoring. When clubs, sailors or coaches set up races from the app, they also can share a link with other participants and fans to follow along.

“We are thrilled to be working with SAP to help grow sailing worldwide,” SYRF Technical Director Larry Rosenfeld said. “The technology and capabilities that SAP bring are tremendous, and together with our board’s lifetime of work in the sport, we believe we can make progress even faster together by introducing and getting feedback from the community now. We also thank the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) for their help in connecting with their technical infrastructure for rating and scoring.”