Shades Made For Wind Spotting

Looking for an inexpensive but versatile pair of sunglasses for sailing? SunGod's latest offering delivers.

SunGod’s sunglasses are an inexpensive and versatile new brand for sailors. The Renegade model can be purchased with different and interchangeable lenses for different conditions and the lightweight frames are made from 100-percent recycled materials. SunGod

One of the most recent entrants into sailing sunglasses world is a brand called SunGod, which sources and manufactures its products from 100-percent recycled material.  And while we’re all about protecting the environment, what we probably won’t admit is equally important to us is how well they help us see puffs on the water. We checked out the Renegade model, with 8KO Polarized blue lenses, and quite simply, if these lenses don’t help you see wind on the water more clearly, nothing will. The stark contrast between puffs and lulls should have you connecting the dots with ease, upwind and down. If you’re current sunglasses provide minimal contrast, these might be one of the biggest performance additions you can make. 

            The lenses are made of 2mm nylon, which SunGod says has an optical edge over traditional polycarbonate lenses, and they have 100-percent UV and impact protection. Scratch resistant, they’re quite light, and when combined with the lightweight frames, you’ve got a combination that you can comfortably wear for hours on end. SunGods come with a lifetime warranty, and the only niggle we had with them is that a hard case has to be ordered as an option—but, hey, like me, you probably have a few used ones laying around. In addition to the Renegade model, two other frames targeting the sailing market are the Tempests and Classics. Frames come in a dozen different colors, and there are eight colors of lenses from which to choose. The price range spans from $80 to $155.

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