Sailmakers' Speak

Broadseaming-cutting panels on a curve or sewing panels with a variable overlap to create depth in a sail; shape is also created through curve in a sail's luff Film-a polyester sheet, commonlyreferred to by brand name Mylar Membrane/string/load-path-names for laminate sails constructed of film and high-strength fibers. Load-path typically refers to sails with yarns running corner to corner, along the paths of the greatest expected loads Modulus-resistance to stretch Scrim-grid of large, unwoven, straight yarns bonded to a layer of film, typically in laminate sails for tear resistance Taffeta-a woven substrate usually made of polyester and used as the exterior layer on some sails for increased durability and chafe resistance Vacuum bagging-pressurizing and thereby compacting a laminate during curing Yarn-high strength fibers of aramid, carbon, etc. (see Materials sidebar)