Rescue Stick by Mustang Survival

To improve upon traditional throwable flotation devices, Mustang Survival designed the Rescue Stick for better accuracy and greater range. "Gear Up" from our February 6, 2007 /SW eNewsletter/


In any MOB scenario, getting a flotation device to the victim in the water is of critical importance, yet traditional “throwables” can be terribly difficult to use. Life rings aren’t easy to throw accurately or far, nor are seat cushions. Throw bags are better, but if the breeze is up, their accuracy and distance capabilities shrink, too. To address the shortcomings of traditional flotation devices, Mustang Survival has come up with the Rescue Stick, a simple and effective way to get flotation to a victim quickly, accurately, and, the company claims, with better range. With a victim in the water, the rescuer simply pulls the 14-inch, one-pound Rescue Stick from its waterproof bag and throws it to the victim. Upon hitting the water, the stick deploys a large, inflated horseshoe with 35 pounds of flotation. Mustang says that, on average, the rescue stick can be thrown up to 150 feet, and that it’s easy to repack and re-arm by screwing on a replacement handle that contains a new CO2 cylinder. $160, 360-676-1782,


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