PBO Rigging from EasyRigging

/SW/ associate editor Tony Bessinger previews an improved PBO rigging system from this company based in the Netherlands. "Gear Up" from our May 8, 2007, /SW eNewletter///



If a rigger promised to reduce your standing rigging’s weight by 70 to 90 percent, potentially double its strength, and give it 20 to 30-percent less stretch, you’d be OK with that, right? EasyRigging can do all that and more, say the folks at Annapolis Performance Sailing, the U.S. rep for this company based in the Netherlands.EasyRigging is made of PBO fibers that, instead of being cut and glued into terminal end fittings, are continuously wound around and between two spools, which assures even distribution of the load. As a result EasyRigging standing rigging can be made in smaller diameters, with end fittings that are less technically problematic.One drawback of PBO is its susceptibility to UV damage. EasyRigging addresses this issue by manufacturing its rigging in UV-free work areas and shrink-wrapping the PBO strands in a black, UV- and wear-resistant jacket. Before leaving the plant, each piece of rigging is checked for proper dimensions, stretch tested to twice the anticipated breaking load, and certified. It’s up to you to measure your original rigging from load-bearing point to load-bearing point, take detailed digital images of your rigging’s end pieces, and send the dimensions to APS. In about two weeks, your new rigging will be shipped to you. EasyRigging can be made to fit existing turnbuckles and fittings, or can be ordered with Ronstan’s Sealoc Calibrated Turnbuckles. From $6.25 per foot,


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