ORC Ditchkit Recommended Gear

Offshore Racing under Category 0,1, or 2

List of ORC Grab Bag Recommended GearCategory 0, 1, and 2 Races

  • a watertight hand-held marine VHF transceiver with spare batteries*
  • a watertight flashlight with spare batteries and bulb*
  • 2 red parachute and 3 red hand flares*
  • a watertight hand-held GPS*
  • a Search and Rescue Transponder (SART)
  • dry suits or survival bags**
  • a second sea anchor for the liferaft with swivel and line
  • 2 safety tin (can) openers
  • a registered 406 or type “E” EPIRB (GPIRB recommended in rules)*
  • a first aid kit*
  • water*
  • signaling mirror
  • high energy food
  • nylon string, polythene bags and seasickness tablets
  • a watertight hand-held aviation VHF transceiver (if race area warrants)*indicates items made mandatory in other parts of the rules **required only on Category 0 races but recommended above 30 degrees latitude.