Sleek and powerful, the ICOM M93D VHF Radio is all a sailor could want, and more.

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The ICOM M93D marine VHF radio floats and is waterproof and if dropped in the water a emits a strobe light. ICOM

You’re preparing for the start of your race in your Laser, it’s a breezy day and you’re already soaking wet. They start the 5-minute sequence, but you miss it because your radio is waterlogged. Sound familiar? iCOM’s most popular radio is the solution for sailors racing in even the most challenging environments. The iCOM M93D has taken the handheld radio to the next level with a number of features that racers will find useful, offshore or in the harbor. With a sleek and sporty look, thin body and professional grade systems this radio is the perfect choice for serious sailors.

ICOM M93D VHF radio screen shots ICOM

To start, this radio not only floats, but emits a flash when it goes overboard, making it easy to spot in the water. More than a radio, the iCOM M93D also has Global Navigation Satellite System capabilities that fixes positioning within eight to twelve seconds and boast 50 waypoints. It can calculate location, bearing and speed. The extra-large, high contrast LCD screen and flat, positive click keyboard, not only allow for a simple user experience but also increase visibility of data in direct sunlight or rough weather. Not only is this radio impressive visually but also audibly, the active noise canceling feature removes background audio digitally and the Aqua Quake system drains water from the speaker and microphone, meaning despite the breeze and waves, your transmissions will always be crystal clear.

Sailors can have security peace of mind knowing that this radio also has an easy to access Class D distress call system using a rear panel button, can receive weather alerts and a battery life up to 9 hours. The ICOM retails for $299.99 from a number of dealers where GPS products are sold


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