Gearing Up for the Volvo Ocean Race

To sail around the world in the Volvo Ocean Race you need gear for every condition.
Besides competitive drive, physical fitness, and a strong team, it takes specialized gear to outfit Volvo Ocean Race sailors. Ian Roman

Team Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing partnered with Musto and other suppliers to outfit each member for all 38,739 miles.

01 – Harness for clipping in after dark and in heavy weather.

02 – Musto Dynamic Pro Sailing Shoes The rubber soles have two different tread patterns to improve surface grip.


03 – Fourth Element 5mm Neoprene Hood  (on top) and **WaterSport 5mm Hood)) (underneath) To prevent cranial heat loss, the Neoprene hoods provide warmth and spray protection.

04 – Fourth Element Neoprene Dive Gloves These 5mm waterproof gloves are lined with Fourth Element’s Thermoflex. Their carbonite finish provides both durability and grip.

05 – Fourth Element Beanie For use under a hood as an extra layer of warmth or on its own, the beanies are made of Polartec Powerstretch which was originally developed for use by NASA.


06 – Gecko MK11 marine safety helmet Volvo Race teams take their cranial safety seriously. The spray shield is ideal for wear in rough seas, when head and eye protection is most vital. The helmet also includes an integral communications unit. 07 – WaterSports Neoprene Gloves Lighter and waterproof for when dexterity and chafe protection are paramount.

08 – Crewsaver Ergofit 290 Lifejacket Customized for Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing.

09 – Musto Southern Ocean Boots Named after the daunting stretch of ocean that is the fifth race leg, these boots keep feet dry, warm, and firmly planted on the deck.


10 – Musto HPX Dry Smock Is the top half of the dry gear. Built with GORETEX PRO and an Ocean Technology membrane, the full suit offers 2 to 3 hours survival time in 34-degree water.

11 – Musto HPX Salopettes The most important piece of dry gear, designed for all conditions. The sailor’s salopette covers the legs and chest.