Gear Olympians Use

Rio-bound athletes from across the globe share their favorite pieces of gear.

Tried, tested and true, this is the gear Olympic sailors rely upon to make their campaigns just a little bit easier.

Sailing shoe

Saskia Clark, 470, Great Britain

Sperry Top Sider Sea Sock Sperry

I can’t do without a decent pair of boots as a 470 crew. So for this I wear Sperry Top Sider Sea Sock. A great soft sole so your foot can mould to the deck for maximum grip and feel of the boat. Shoes come in short and tall, starting at $70.

Sandiline Sailing Pants

Jonathan Lobert, Finn, France

Sandiline Sandiline

If you don’t have good hiking pants, you won’t be sailing for long. With your legs pushing on the side of the boat, if you don’t have the battens on the side of the legs, you’ll be in pain. I wear Sandiline, and I work with the design team to make the pants as light and strong as possible. These pants don’t move around the legs so when you’re up on your feet in the boat they don’t ride up. $234 and up,

sailing zinc

Briana Provancha, 470, USA

White Zinc, from Zinka Maru Urban/US Sailing Team Sperry

White Zinc, from Zinka, is a must for me. Annie and I put it on together in the boat after we launch. It’s become part of our routine. It’s great because you don’t rub it in so you can see it. When it disappears, that means it’s time to reapply. $6.99, Buy It Now!

Showa Sailing Gloves

Lisa Darmanin, Nacra 17, Australia

Showa Sailing Gloves Showa Gloves

My gloves are one thing that makes sure I can sail day to day. As a crew, it’s so important for me to hang on to ropes all day. I tear through them so quickly — I have a new pair almost every six days on the water. I go through them so quickly that I just buy gloves at the hardware store. I look for the grippiest ones I can find, either Showa or Atlas.

Sailing Hiking Pads

Anne-Marie Rindom, Laser Radial, Netherlands

Zhik Power Pads Zhik

I never sail without my hiking pads, they’re the only thing that makes sailing easier every day. If I didn’t have them, my legs would be destroyed by how hard I work them in the Radial. I use Zhik Power Pads under my wetsuit.

Sailing Sun Screen

Charlie Buckingham, Laser, USA

Vertra Face Stick sunscreen Vertra

I can’t live without Vertra Face Stick sunscreen. It leaves a non-transparent, white layer on my cheeks and nose. I use it as the second layer of sunscreen on my face for extra protection on the water. $23

Zhik Microfleece Sailing Skiff Suit

Dave Hughes, 470, USA

Zhik’s Microfleece Skiff Suit Zhik

Stu McNay and I jokingly call Zhik’s Microfleece Skiff Suit our “AP Kit” because it covers such a wide range of temperatures and conditions. I’ve been wearing Zhik’s versions of the skiff suit for years, but with the most recent design the material is more stretchy and the warmth-to-weight ratio is far better. It’s perfect for a day in Rio, when anything can be thrown at you. $269