Editor’s Picks for Summer Gear

Gear up for this sailing season with some of our top pics for gear.
sailing shorts

Camet Bonaire Shorts Camet

Camet is the go-to choice for purpose-built sailing shorts and they have been upgraded with a polyester microfiber and Spandex material, so there’s more flex to the fabric, which is also lighter and more water repellent. A reinforced seat panel holds an optional 1/4-inch foam insert, and Velcro cinch tabs on the waist provide a snug, crack-free fit.

waterproof phone case

Optrix PhotoProX

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I tested six waterproof iPhone cases over the summer and the surprise standout was the incredible Optrix case, which includes four interchangeable camera lenses (fish-eye, macro, telephoto, and low-profile underwater). The case is hard plastic and waterproof so I had no reservations about stuffing my phone in a cockpit sheet bag, allowing me to snap photos and videos of sail trim.

sailing sunglasses

Kaenon Pintail

Buy It Now! Kaenon

Kaenon finally loaned me a pair of its new Pintail frames with B12 polarized lenses, and over the course of the year I swapped between less expensive brands I’d sworn were supreme. In the end, I’ll admit my eyes craved the Kaenons. With crisp clarity and a light, natural feel, they’re extremely effective for both cloudy and bright conditions. The Pintail frames are a less aggressive style, which makes these perfect for boat and for the street. $209,

portable power source

Secur Solar Power Pad

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When using a smartphone for race tracking, photo sharing, and checking airport weather stations between races, I’m left with barely enough juice to call home at the end of the day. This portable power source, with built-in lithium battery, puts me back on the grid. Charge it overnight by USB or put it on deck to top it off. At only 8.7 ounces and 5 x 7, inches it’s small enough and light enough to keep on board.