2002 Sailing World Gift Guide, Part III

Courtesy Sailing World

Books and Calendars

Sailing World‘s Calendar: Best of Dr. Crash
Sailing World‘s new calendar captures the best of Dr. Crash, one of the magazine’s most popular column. From snapped masts to men overboard, this calendar is sure to offer moments of levity each month to every sailor, no matter how experienced.
$12.95, 800-634-1953

Cruising World‘s 2003 Calendar
The photographs of Cruising World‘s 2003 calendar captures a verity of boats, while paying close attention to light and color. These photographs take you to far-flung ports of call and exotic locales around the world. This calendar is perfect for anyone that appreciates sailboats and loves the sea.
$12.95, 800-634-1953


Reaching Home, a John Mecray print
Through a special arrangement with Mystic Seaport, Cruising World has reserved 300 limited-edition prints of renown marine artist John Mecray’s latest work. The painting features the legendary Sparkman & Stephens design Bolero power-reaching under full sail. The 73-footer held the elapsed-time record for the Newport Bermuda Race for 20 years. To see the painting,;_Code=JMLE∏_Code=G-08&Category;_Code=Giclee
$260, 800-634-1953

The Rules in Practice
Rules in Practice gives detailed and well illustrated examples of virtually every rules situation you may encounter. The clear, concise language will offer everyone more insight into properly using the rules.
Motorbooks International, 800-458-0454

After the Storm: Trues Stories of Disaster and Recovery at Sea
Written by John Rousmaiere, who is considered to have originated the storm-writing genre with his classic Fastnet, Force 10, After the Storm captures 12 stories of sea wrecks and near-misses. He touches on emotions and struggles involving disaster and recovery, making After the Storm a book for both sailors and non-sailors.


The Race
The Race, written by Tim Zimmermann, is about the first running of The Race, a nonstop, round-the-world sailing competition, in which participants risked millions of dollars and their lives to compete. Zimmermann first gives his readers a comprehensive history of long-distance record breakers and blue-water racing that stretches from the 1850s to the present. Then the author plunges into the actual race which pushes sailors beyond their limits and attracted some of the world’s top sailors, who desired such competition which left little room for mistakes. The combination of skill and intensity makes The Race a thrilling tale of sailing excellence.

J Class
J Class highlights the America’s Cup boats, which are highly regarded as some of the best boats in yachting history. This 448 page book, includes sail plans, unpublished photographs, and 10 watercolor reproductions. There is a limit of only 3000 copies, which are both numbered and signed.
199 pounds/$308.13

Tall Ships: The Fleet for the 21st Century
The third edition of Tall Ships: The Fleet of the 21st Century, written by Thad Koza, highlights the history and traditions of tall ships around the world. The book includes a major photograph of each ship, supplemented by other photographs of more specific portions of the vessels, and the text describes each ship in detail, including its history. This book is considered the most comprehensive guide in the world on the subject.
$24.95 plus $5.00 s&h;


Ocean Warriors
Ocean Warriors, written by Rob Mundle, is an up-close look at the 2001/2002 Volvo Ocean Race around the world. This race, one of the most grueling and challenging events in the sport, has been run every four years for the last 30 and covers over 32,000 nautical miles, taking close to 10 months. To understand and appreciate the endurance and commitment of these top sailors this book gives insight into the Team News Corps as it navigates this race around the world.

Kos’ 20×20
Done by Kos, one of the world’s most renowned marine photographers, Kos’ 20×20 has more than 144 pages of full color images. This book is one of the biggest marine photograph collections ever published, measuring 40 by 24 inches when opened and Kos utilizes the size to show the beauty and power of the sport in a number of unique and spectacular photos. Only 1,000 copies of the book will be produced.
Approximately $1,200,

America’s Victory
Though America’s Victory will not be out in time for Christmas, it could make a perfect January birthday present. Being released on January 6, America’s Victory,written by David W. Shaw, tells the story of a group of ordinary Americans who succeeded in winning the first America’s Cup in 1851. This inspirational story provides insight and historical background of this race. With the upcoming 31st America’s Cup scheduled for February this book is the perfect pre-event gift.


2003 Calendar of Wooden Boats
The Calendar of Wooden Boats consists of photographs by Benjamin Mendlowitz, which highlights the beauty and elegance of wooden boats in various settings. With a variety of sail boats, power boats, and dinghies, each month’s photograph is unique, showing considerable attention to detail, light, contrast, and mood.
$14.95 plus $4.50 s&h;, 1-800-848-9663

2003 Ultimate Sailing Calendar
Photographed by Sharon Green 2003 Ultimate Sailing Calendar is an oversized calendar, 18″x24″ opened, and including 24 vibrant photographs. Sharon knows how to capture to action and energy with a camera and in this new calendar she does just that. Each month contains two snap shots of competive sailing at its best. features

2003 A World of Boats
2003 A World of Boats, photographed by Onne van der Wal, contains a 5×7 color photograph for each week on the left page, leaving plenty of space for notes on the right. Each week also includes a calendar for the previous, current, and upcoming months. The calendar also contains a planning section for 2003 and 2004. For 2003 A World of Boating Onne van der Wal photographed a wider verity of boats, plus amazing destinations.

2003 Rick Tomlinson Calendars
Few photographers travel as actively as Rick Tomlinson. Whether covering the Volvo Ocean Race, Peter Harrison’s GBR Challenge, or any other big regatta, he always produces stunning images. His best 12 are collected in two calendars. The Portfolio Calendar measures 23 by 16 inches. The Desk Calendar is smaller and free-standing.
$40 & $13. or