The ugoWear Phone Case

Protect your cellphone and essentials while on the race course with the latest tech from ugoWear.

The unique, Made In The USA, TPU fabric and German engineered 100% waterproof zipper are joined using advanced RF Welding technology ensuring an airtight seal.ugoSport

My last iPhone ended up in ten feet of water at the bottom of a creek after a failed attempt to take a photo of our crew on the sail back in from the race course. One dive tank and a few panicked hours later, it was recovered from an oyster bed, and transferred to a bag of rice. Thanks to a well-worn waterproof shell case, it survived with minimal damage. However, had I met Melanie Cole and Vicky DeRouchey earlier, the whole ordeal could’ve been avoided.

Mel & Vic, as they prefer to be called, live up to their own ugoWear tagline, “Dare To Be Free.” Vic is a two-time breast cancer survivor who felt she had nothing to lose by starting a business and partnered up with her best friend to create a phone case that suited their water-logged lifestyles. Their waterproof case is in a category of its own, and unlike any other on the market. What sets the ugoWear case apart is its TIZIP Technology, the zipper is the same one used in the construction of dry suits and hazmat suits, making it virtually impossible for moisture to get into the case, and meaning it won’t wear out over time. The fabric, manufactured in-house by Nike, is 100% waterproof, but cool enough to keep phones from overheating in the sun. The inside has specific places to house your keys and any other essentials along with 6 credit card holders and an additional zipper. Even though the case floats, it can withstand depths of 15 feet deep. The anodized brass details on the case are even saltwater and chlorine resistant.

There is plenty of room for your phone, keys, cash and passport.ugoWear

The ugoWear case is an obvious choice for sailors who use their technology on the water, but worry about losing their phone or keys overboard or if they capsize. Not only is the ugoWear case durable, but also sleek looking and comes in a variety of colors. If you’re anything like me and fear losing your device on the water, the ugoWear is an ideal solution to keep in your regatta bag. Right now, you can find the ugo dry bag on sale at