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Share your charter experiences with _Sailing World _by taking our survey.

Sailing World is asking for your help. If you've chartered a sailboat within the last couple of years, we'd like to hear about how you were greeted, treated, accommodated, and cared for.

Click here to participate in our online survey. **Once there, you'll find detailed questions about your charter company, its base and staff, and the boat and equipment you were given, and you'll be asked to rate your overall charter experience and level of satisfaction. The survey is open through **March 15. Participate, and we'll make a donation on your behalf to one of four marine-related charities; be one of the first 100 Cruising World or Sailing World readers to log on, and we'll also send you one of our 2012 calendars.

But that's not the reason you should participate. When you give us your input, you'll help fellow sailors research their options when they go to book their own charter vacation. Our sister publication Cruising World plans to compile the survey results and publish them in an August bareboat-chartering issue. They'll also be posted online. We're guessing this is going to be a very interesting article to read, especially if you're planning on spending your hard-earned dollars on a sailing getaway.