Zhik’s New Dry Bag Backpack

Easy to haul, easy to keep dry.

Zhik’s 30-liter Dry Bag Backpack makes it easy to haul your gear to the boat, and keep it dry in the bilge.Courtesy Zhik

A dry bag is handy for sportboat and offshore sailors, and it’s even better is you can sling it over your shoulders when going to and from the boat. Most dry bags are great, but not all are created equal. Zhik’s new 30-liter pack is built of a heavy-duty, waterproof fabric that will take the abuse of life in the bilge, and the roll-top bag features well-padded, mesh-ventilated shoulder straps, as well as a lumbar pad. If you’ve ever used a backpack where the shoulder straps tend to slide off your shoulders, it won’t happen with this pack—a quick-release, sternum strap connects the two shoulder straps. About the only thing missing is a waterproof exterior pocket for a cell phone, a common oversight on most dry bags.

The Zhik pack has a quick-grab handle (which can double as a hanging point) and a pair of compression straps to remove bulk when you’re not carrying full volume, as well as a water bottle holder. What’s particularly cool is that the roll top can be cinched down to two different points, with the first maintaining the pack’s full vertical volume and the second reducing that volume by about a quarter, increasing the pack’s versatility. Inside the pack is a 11x9-inch zipper pocket with a 10x8-inch elastic-closing pocket mounted on the outside of it, providing plenty of space to secure small, easy-to-lose items. As for the cavernous space remaining, let’s just say, if you can’t fit it in there, you probably don’t need it. www.zhik.com $119.99