Rooster’s New Full-Length Hikers

Versatile neoprene hiking pants engineered to be modified for individual fit.

Rooster Sailing’s Pro Hikers are versatile neoprene hiking pants engineered to be modified for individual fit.Courtesy Rooster Sailing

Rooster Sailing has long been a force in dinghy sailing gear, particularly with their popular three-quarter-length hikers, which have unique, ergonomic hiking pads that attach with Velcro to the inside of each leg, allowing custom pad placement.

The Rooster Pro Hiker, which capitalizes on the benefits of the three-quarter hiker, now comes with full-length legs, as well as a fixed-pad model. A big plus is that they reduce the amount of shin bumps and bruises. Plus, no more strange tan or sunburns.

Made of 90 percent neoprene and 10 percent nylon, the Rooster Hiker has a reinforced seat and knee pads, which is the industry standard, but the difference is that Rooster has developed a material that engineered to withstand the abuse of abrasive decks, but also stretches, making the hikers less restrictive. Knees are articulated to reduce leg fatigue, and shoulder straps keep them in place. The bottom of each leg is unfinished, which prevents an uncomfortable lump at your ankles and allows you to trim them to fit your leg length. All seams are stitched and glued.

The hiking pads, which come in five sizes, are made with two layers of foam, along with a batten, which are glued together in a mold that pre-shapes them into a curve. “Flat pads allow your legs to compress more,” says Rooster owner Steve Cockerill, “and your natural freeboard is reduced by the compression of your leg. With a shaped pad, you’re preventing your leg from compressing, effectively raising the center of your leg, creating better freeboard, especially on small dinghies.”

Pads and hikers are sold separately. Available through: