Gear Box: The Joey

Rooster Sailing delivers a clever and practical way for dinghy sailors to stash a water bottle.

Roster Sailing’s “Joey” water bottle sleeve provides a snag-free alternative for on-mast bottle storage.Courtesy Rooster Sailing

Rooster Sailing has come up with a innovative way to carry water bottles aboard dinghies—a neoprene pouch that can be attached to almost any tubular surface, including masts, booms, and skiff rack arms. Called a “Joey,” after young Kangaroos, it attaches with Velcro straps at each end. A series of silicone dots inside each strap allows it to cling to any surface and gives a firm grip. The water bottle is completely enclosed, so it’s impossible to snag lines, unlike bicycle bottle cages or other homemade bottle carriers. The Joey also eliminates the hassle of retrieving a water bottle from inside an inspection port—saving time and avoiding the risk of water getting into the hull while the port is open.

To use, slide the water bottle in through the opening and then pull the neoprene over the top of the bottle to secure. Reverse to remove. With a minute or so of practice, you’ll find you can do both processes with one hand.