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This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the NOOD Regattas. Take a look back at highlights from the 1990 events on San Francisco Bay and Galveston Bay. From our March 1991 issue.

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NOOD 1990

The NOOD Regattas celebrate their 25th Anniversary in 2012!

John Burnham and Chris Hufstader report back from the 1990 NOOD Regattas on San Francisco Bay and Galveston Bay, where the NOOD approach appealed, no matter what the weather. "The wind and sunshine of San Francisco Bay materialized exactly as predicted--only the weather was even finer than we'd been led to expect," note the authors. "The weather reverted to form, however, at the end of the month when we sailed in the NOOD event on Galveston Bay--only it was much worse than we would have believed possible." Read the full article below.