Spindrift 2 Heads for the Roaring 40s

After a slow day at sea, Spindrift 2 is now back up to speed and making fast for the Roaring 40s in the attempt at a new Jules Verne Record.

At dawn on her eighth day at sea, the maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2 was situated off the coast of Salvador de Bahia, heading south after a small change of tack to take them slightly east of the course followed by the current Jules Verne Trophy holder.

Spindrift 2 had lost some ground on the record due to the lack of wind for 24 hours, but the wind came back at around midday, with wind speeds currently averaging 20 knots. The crew hope to take advantage of an area of low pressure that has developed off the coast of Argentina to increase their lead and enter the famous Roaring Forties.