Selden S Series Self-Tailing Winch

The S-series simplifies the maneuver of tacking and makes the handling of a highly loaded sheet much safer and quicker.

The new Selden S winches deliver great grip and reliability in a light weight package.Selden

The Selden S Series winch makes tacking and handling loaded sheets safer and quicker than ever before. The self-tailing winch allows sailors greater grip and ease of use in an innovative and high performing package. Pre-load the sheet and handle before tacking and it will come in just as easily as if it were only around the drum-- a feature racing and cruising sailors will appreciate. No more stopping to load the sheet in the trailer after the tack! With the S-Series, simply pull in the slack or give the handle a turn for proper trim. There’s virtually no friction at all through the tailer, which had to be experienced to really believe! It is also notable that this winch doesn’t have the rough, line wearing surface for gripping sheets as many winches do. Instead the multi-cornered drum provides exceptional grip without the wear and tear on sheets. Riggers standing by at the Annapolis show said it gripped the best of anything they’d seen.