Selden Furling System

When it comes to taming big running and reaching sails, Selden's furlers are the performance option many offshore sailors prefer.

Seldén’s primary top-down furler is the GX model, which is is a leader in Spinnaker headsail handling.Marine Warehouse

The Selden Top down Furler is a surefire replacement for a spinnaker sock, making sets and take-downs more efficient and safer than ever. Made of a variety of materials, including metal and composite to prevent scratching or wear and tear on the boat, the CX furler is optimized for all wind angles. Attach your spinnaker to the freely rotating tack swivel on the drum and the halyard swivel while the luff is free flying. When turning, torque on the drum and the anti-torsion line makes the top of the sail furl first, while the tack is independent on its swivel. This makes for a tightly furled sail from top to bottom.

There’s one piece of equipment that can eliminate the sock and potentially make sail­handling much safer. Top-down roller furlers have become de rigueur for the superyacht crowd and offshore racing sailors.Selden

This furler is set apart by the engineering of the cable in the system. While there’s a variety of systems on this market, this cable stands out as the height of technology. Think of a figure skater, when they start spinning fast, they pull their arms in to keep everything tight, with the GX furler by Selden, the same thing happens. It’s very stiff, and resists twist due to a special heat treatment during the construction process and the way the cable is constructed. Starting with the plastic rod core, the furling cable is non-compressible, and it’s dynema surrounding allows for exceptional strength in tension which allows for speedy rotation on a tight axis.

Increasing tactical options, the GX furling system allows for faster and easier headsail changes. Seldén’s “CX” version even lets you to keep use the same furler for a number of different sails. The entire system can be controlled from the cockpit, keeping the crew off the foredeck when needed. An asymmetric spinnaker measures the same as a regular downwind sail if it has a mid girth of at least 75% of the foot length. This means you can combine the furler with your regular spinnakers without penalty within the ORCi and IRC rules.