First 36.7 Class Association

One-Design Racing

Class president, Jim Carkhuff, of Annapolis, reports 101 owners as 36.7 class members. Key elements of the class rules are limits on sails (two new class sails a year) and professionals (at most regattas, only one ISAF Category 3 crewmember is allowed). Few owners trailer their boats, but they often borrow or charter at away regattas in groups of two or more owners. Several charters are expected for the 2005 NAs at the Lands' End San Diego NOOD in March. Carkhuff says one of the 36.7's greatest strengths is "its race readiness in a package that can be cruised comfortably and has status as a one-design." He adds that the $126,700 base price, "makes the boat accessible to many sailors who otherwise would be priced out of a boat this size." Where The Fleets Are: Annapolis,Chicago, Detroit, Lake Ontario North/South, Northeast, San Diego, Pac. Northwest, San Francisco, and (forming) in the Carolinas and Ohio.