The C&C 115 and the ISAF Special Regulations

Minor tweaks are all it takes to get the C&C; 115 ready for offshore racing rules.

If you want to sail the C&C 115 in ISAF-sanctioned offshore events, some changes from the standard model need to be made. Designer Tim Jackett told us that it's no problem for C&C to make the changes at the factory. The bonded and bolted hull-to-deck joint incorporates a toe rail forward where required by the ISAF Special Regulations Governing Offshore and Oceanic Equipment and Preparation. The companionway opening is lower than sheer line, and the fix requires sealing in the lower hatch board. The standard lifelines are coated where ISAF SR's require them to be uncoated. The fix requires replacing lifelines [or ordering them from the factory when the boat is ordered]. The running lights are at deck level, where the SR's require them to be immediately under the upper lifeline. The fix requires moving the lights to the pulpits and wiring through the pulpit.